Haiku – Ho’oponopono

I cut the sand bag,

Down from my hot air balloon,

To the skies I go.


This haiku was inspired by the life-skills class of my new school. Online, of course. We were practicing an ancient Hawaiian meditation technique – ho’oponopono. It was all about unburdening ourselves of negative emotions. This idea came to me in that moment.


~Aarushi Aiyar


I wrote this poem for a script with some friends of mine. Enjoy!


Birds born in cages think freedom is a crime,

Caged is the heart in the throat of the mime,

For freedom comes naturally to the human mind,

Enslaved in the shadows of our ignorance,

And blinded by the light of emotions so bright,

Shackled by the chain of memories in our heart,

And bound by the acceptance of an outside society,

For freedom doesn’t cost just a single penny,

A hundred lives, a hundred hours, a hundred souls laid to rest

So let the chains go, and set the mind free,

And if you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

And still will they talk about their freedom,

Forever blind to the truth of the prison,

As a puppet with its strings tied, dancing to the tune of the world,

So follow that harmony, or follow your soul,

For you are your master, and you will make your destiny alone.

~Aarushi Aiyar

Haiku – 9 PM Candles in India

For those of you who don’t know, on the 5th of April, 2020, our PM asked for all of us to switch off our lights at 9 PM for 9 minutes, and stand on our balconies with candles lit – as a symbol for lighting the darkness. I wrote this haiku as I stood by the candle.

Blinking Mumbai lights,

Glow of a thousand candles,

People filled with hope.

Thank you all for reading! Tell me what you thought. Have a great day; stay home, stay safe. Much love.

~Aarushi Aiyar

The Hawk

Beautiful birds soared high in a blue sky,

Without a care in the world as they drifted on the breeze,

And then came the hawk.


So, this is just a new style of writing that I tried out. It’s free verse and it’s very abstract. I’d love to hear what you all think about it!


~Aarushi Aiyar

Tides of Hope

Like a word lost in the waves,

Like a whisper far away,

Like a matchstick in a gloomy cave,

Like a tide of hope in the night’s unknown.


Merry Christmas everyone! So, this is not exactly Christmas themed, but I like to think of it as resembling winter. Imagine the cold, dark nights of winter, and the bright, warm lights of Christmas! Like everyone expressing their joy and overall happiness in the form of multi-coloured lights. It’s sort of a form of hope.


~Aarushi Aiyar


Like a gentle whisper through the air,

You may not see, but it’s always there,

Always seeking, always discovering,

New shores far beyond the horizon.


It travels on a breath, on a word, a whim,

On its journey, it sees many things,

The ancient dragons of China, the coliseum of Rome,

And then, the adventure ends with home.


When angered, it can be your fiercest enemy,

I keeps you cool, the greatest irony,

Picture the wide, wonderful world in your mind,

The wind has traveled everywhere, it leaves us all behind.


The City

Bright flashing lights and the hum of a crowd,

Paved brick roads that stretch across the ground,

The city has come alive tonight,

Bustling in the last of the light.


Till the break of dawn do they curl up in bed,

Waiting for the sun to peek out its head,

With it, the light brings a new dawn, a new day,

And the people get ready to blow the world away.


Stores and buildings alike, throb with activity,

The students prepare for the next test in practicality,

People file in as one mindless unit,

Addicted to whatever device they’re currently holding.


Joggers, walkers and runners together,

Meet at a park and enjoy the weather,

It’s a bright sunny day, made to make the most of,

And this is the city, so beautiful we just can’t get enough.

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