Sakura blossoms, and a black cat. Look up the symbolism!

Seeing is believing,

But, sometimes, that’s not all there is to it,

Sometimes, the best crafted lies are the ones that appeal to the eyes.



Japanese flower garden.


Red, green, blue, who cares?

When they’re all in a field, smelling just as good as the next.



Scarlet macaws.

I hear chirping birds, like the melody of the free-spirited,

A sweet, babbling brook, exuberant and chasing down the next thrill,

I hear my alarm clock.



Varied chocolate (random question: white, milk, or dark chocolate?)

The sweetest things can be the most bitter,

Or sometimes spicy, because things are unpredictable like that,

Who had the bright idea to put chilli in chocolate anyway?



A Japanese onsen (outdoor bath).

A nice, hot shower after a long day,

Fragrant, warm towels, fresh from the dryer,

Ah, yes, joy is all about the simple things.


Hey everyone! I hope you all liked the poem. It’s a super random idea that came to me one day, out of the blue, as most of my ideas are wont to do. I first thought of writing about a single sense, but then I thought, “Why not write a small poem about all five?” And this was born.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Thank you for reading, as always, and I hope you have a lovely day. Thank you!

Of Haunted Creeks and All Things Potato Chips

Prompt: The forest seemed dense, and the foliage dark, but I had my wits about me…

The forest seemed dense, and the foliage dark, but I had my wits about me. “Aah!” I shrieked, as I saw the shadow of… a mouse. Okay, I lied. I had no idea where I was, and I was terrified to boot. Every path looked the same, and every turn only got me more lost. “I swear I’m going in circles. I’m sure I’ve seen that tree before!” Then again, every tree looked the same. All I had on me was a backpack that contained a packet of cheese-flavoured potato crisps. Oh well, at least I had some food. And I was sure that if I ran into some kind of dacoit, I could throw a crisp at him and make a run for it.

“Geez… is there no end to this place?” I had managed to separate from my class, like the absolute scholar I was, and had landed myself here. I was currently relying on the principle of, ‘Pick a direction, you’re bound to run into SOMETHING,’ and hoped it would be a good something. I had to reach the exit eventually, right? Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait much longer to run into a good something. As I kicked pebbles on the ground, letting loose curses that would make Hades himself blush, and walked down that same path,  I ran into a wall. Yes, a wall. In the middle of a jungle. More specifically, a shabbily constructed wooden wall attached to a house. And, when I say ‘shabbily constructed’, I mean full of holes, and made of planks that didn’t align. And, did I mention COVERED IN COBWEBS?

Now, you know me, ever the scaredy cat. And that house screamed ‘haunted’. So I backed away slowly, trying not to alert the ghosts that I was sure inhabited the house. I hadn’t gotten too far before a pale, thin hand reached out of one of the cracks. And, by thin, I mean bony, and deathly pale. “Wait!” A surprisingly non-eerie voice called out to me. So I stopped. A girl, who looked around the age of seventeen, stepped out. She had long, golden hair that was probably a lot less muddy once, and pretty blue eyes.

“I know you! You’re that girl who went missing on the school camping trip two years ago on the school camping trip! You were supposed to be valedictorian!” I said, astonished. Way to go, me. No tact whatsoever. And, oh God, was I going to be the next missing person case from school camping trips? No! I still hadn’t finished the last season of Naruto

She smiled, and nodded, inviting me into her ‘house’. Of course I knew who she was, she had been all the talk for a year when I was thirteen. She made tea with leaves she had plucked from somewhere nearby (sketchy, if you ask me, so I decided not to drink it) and told me her story.

“It’s been two years? Wow… my parents must be feeling horrible!” She said sadly.

“Don’t worry,” I said, the epitome of reassurance, “I’m lost too.” Pausing to think about that, I made a face, “Actually, I doubt that’s very comforting.”

We laughed.

Just then, there was a knock at the ‘door’. It was Mr. Brown, my English Professor (reference, anyone?), who was also shocked to see the girl- whose name I now knew was Brittany. He took us both back to camp and instantly called up Brittany’s parents. They were all finally united, and I couldn’t have been happier for them if I tried.

It was later that I found myself at the edge of camp, once the interrogators- who’d descended on me in the guise of my friends- were through with me, with a blanket wrapped round my shoulders, and a cup of non-sketchy hot chocolate in my hands.

I heard the distinct crunch of leaves of footfalls, and looked up to speak to my visitor.

“Hey,” he greeted softly, “You did a great job.” Mr. Brown smiled wryly at me, “Even if you somehow managed to lose the class and journey off on your own.”

I grinned sheepishly against the rim of the mug.

“Do you want to join us for our hike? We’re passing through the woods on our way to-“

“Thanks,” I interrupted drily, “but no thanks.” It occurred to me that I’d forgotten something in this whole mess of a situation. “I’m just going to sit here,” I indicated the log I was perched on- that I had no intention of leaving anytime soon- drawing something from my bag, “And eat my potato chips.”



Alright, backstory. This prompt was one of the questions in my paper a few years ago. This is an edited version of the essay I submitted. You can tell I probably didn’t make any references in my paper, or use words like “sketchy”. The rest is all the same, though.

I did, however, refer to the readers, which I was quite proud of, because our teacher actually let it fly, and she was the strictest you might have seen. She actually deducted marks for getting a few letters in the margin if the word didn’t fit fully.

Aside from that, the idea behind this work was to make something meant to be taken as a horror (or maybe adventure?) situation and turn it into humour. I cannot, for the life of me, write horror, so I decided to pull the work into my comfort zone right from the second sentence.

I would go as far as to say I might get scared of my own horror works. Go me.

I also changed the title (if you get the minor reference there, point it out. It’s a reference to a book I read once that I really liked.)

Anyway, this is the essay I wrote for the prompt, so I hope you enjoyed, and, as always, thanks for reading!

Green is the New Gold

A thing of beauty is a joy forever,

But only so long as we remember,

To look at the sun, the sky, the stars,

And give thanks for what is ours,

That COVID is not the end of the beauty,

And to share in the love that binds humanity.



Okay, context: We had a poster making competition in our school, and we had to make a poster linking any chapter or poem in our English text to COVID. I wrote this poem for the poster.

I swear. All my best poems I’ve written in under five minutes. The ones I really think for never turn out good.

Anyway, I think it’s pretty obvious which poem I chose. If not, Google the first line.

Soo, opinion? Leave a comment, they really help! As always, thanks for reading, you’re awesome. Till the next post!

50th Post! – 11 Year Old Me + 200 Followers!

So, I was going through old chats with my friend, and I found pictures of this essay I wrote way back when I was eleven, so I thought it would make a perfect 50th post, since I started this blog that year. 2016, that is.

Geez, it’s old. This August will be the fifth birthday!

Anyhoo, a passing mention for 200 followers! That’s… a lot. Crazy. Honestly, I never imagined 200 people following this blog! Ah, can’t even say how happy I am. You guys are awesome.

But that’s all on that subject. I know you’re here for the essay.

Mind you, I wrote this for school, so it’s all of the content with none of the humour. Also, no paragraphs, and way too many commas. I improved that a little, but the words are exactly the same.

Don’t mind my incorrect grammar, or the fact that my vocabulary has apparently decreased since then! I was eleven- don’t judge this too hard! Also, if you guys are interested, I can think of one or two more essays I can put up! So be sure to leave a comment to let me know if you’re interested in seeing another old essay of mine!

Haha, I’ve rambled enough! Happy reading!


Never actually titled this, soSpot, I guess

It was a chilly morning in late November. I hurried down the street, bundled up in a smart navy-blue jacket. I was on my way to school. That was when I heard a rather distinct whimper. I traced the source to be coming from the park where I was. I entered the small garden, and scanned my surroundings, but caught sight of nothing. I was on the verge of leaving when I heard it again, right behind me.

I whirled around, expecting to see somebody, but no. Then, I looked down. I saw a little puppy, helplessly staring at me, eyes shining with hope. It was so small, that it could not even come out. I lifted it out of the dark gutter. This was when I first clearly saw the puppy in the light. It was a Dalmatian, of sorts, with a black body, and white spots. It had long ears, and a short bob of a tail. There was a white spot behind one of its eyes.

A/N: Yes, we are going to pretend that horrible description never happened.

Another thing I noticed was that it wore no collar. My heart filled with pity for the poor thing. Instantly, my main objective was forgotten, and I walked out of the park, cradling the little puppy. I continued on my way to school, deciding on a temporary home for the puppy. That was when I happened to notice Mr. Adams’ grocery.

A smile brightened my face as I realised I had just found the perfect shelter for the puppy. He was a puppy-lover. I rushed up to him and held up the puppy. I then narrated the sad story of the puppy. He took it into his arms and gently caressed it. “Spot,” he said he’d call it. And then I suddenly realised I was late for school! I left Mr. Adams, without a word of thanks, and sprinted, my heart thumping in my chest. My neatly set ponytail went wild, and my tunic rather ruffled as I raced against the clock.

I entered the gates just as the bell sent off it’s last chime. I exhaled, and slowed my pace. That day, all my thoughts eventually led to Spot. As soon as the dismissal bell rang, I gathered my things and hastened to the grocers. “Is Spot alright?” I cried, bursting into the store. Many startled customers began to stare at me. I ignored them, and approached Mr. Adams. He smiled benignly, and began to rummage under his desk.

“Ah…” he said, lifting something out. A very clean, confused Spot barked happily upon seeing me. I was overcome with relief. But that was not all the joy in store for me. “I even found him an owner,” said Mr. Adams. This brought me greater ecstasy.

“Well… who?” I asked excitedly.

Then the back door opened, and who else should stroll in but my mother? “Us!” She said happily.

A/N: Who saw that one coming?

I was filled with pure bliss to such an extent that I probably couldn’t fit any more. I pounced on my mother and hugged her. And, of course, Spot jumped on me. There are no words to describe the elation I experienced.

You can be sure that Spot enjoyed his new home, and his new family. One that he would never forget.



Geez, how far I’ve come since my first post. A lot of you may not know this, but when I was typing my first ever post (an updated version is readable- currently up) I typed everything in the title bar. No joke, I had no idea I was supposed to put only a title there, or even that it was a TITLE bar. So everything came out in uppercase, and everyone was severely confused 😅

Anyway, at least I know better now!

Well? How was it? Tell me what you think, and keep reading for more posts! See you all next time, and thanks for reading!

Sunshine Blogger Award 2

Sorry I was so late with this one! I was nominated like 9 months ago but I’m only putting this up now!

Thank you so much to Akshay Kumar Das for nominating me this time around!

I’m not quite sure if people usually make a second post for the same blog award but I decided to anyway, because why not.

So anyway, RULES!

• Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
• Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
• Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
• List the rules and display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

So here are the questions and the answers:

1. How do you want people to react with you when you fail?

A. See, it depends on who the person is. If they’re my friend, they can laugh all they want. Because they see something absolutely hilarious in my failures. But if it’s someone I don’t know, I’d rather we don’t broach the topic, because they’re certainly not allowed to laugh, but I hate being pitied. So just don’t mention it, I guess.

2. How do you tolerate people’s mistakes?

A. I often ask myself the same thing. The aforementioned nuisances- ahem, friends- really drive me up the wall sometimes. What I do is just not say anything. It usually passes by. Mistakes that cause physical or mental harm to me or someone I really care about on the other hand? Those I don’t forgive very easily. I don’t say anything unless I have a really good reason to, though.

3. What are the best books you suggest to me to read and write a review? (Max 2 Books only)

A. Do book series count? Because I know some really good ones. I’ll give them anyway.

Series: Lockwood and Co. (must read, seriously) and maybe The School For Good and Evil (I read it when I was eight so it’s pretty immature but I loved it). Also Artemis Fowl for sure. Also, A Basket of Blueberries (wink wink; currently being rewritten by the way)

Books: Jinx if you count Meg Cabot. Otherwise there’s Turtles All the Way Down and Fahrenheit 451. There’s so many more but I’ll stop at two.

4. The best source of inspiration for you to write.

A. Honestly? A lot of things. Sometimes it’s my friends, because most of my characters are based on them and some are based on me. Also whatever I’m reading at the moment, because there’s always at least one character that’s similar to one of mine. Example, in Jinx (and no, I’m not going to get over this any time soon) there’s a Jean and a Zack (A Basket of Blueberries: my book) Coincidence? I think not. Anyway, it’s mostly my thoughts that are derived from what I’m reading/watching at the moment. (Which is why my characters have such un-realistic hair, the guys in particular). Also I think a LOT, and I observe a lot.

5. How to Balance Career and Passion?

A. That’s a tough one, and I’m not really sure. I’m actually doing it right now, except it’s not really a career per se. I’m super busy with studies nowadays. Which is why I write less frequently, and I try to squeeze in blocks of time in random places. Places that sometimes get filled in by other distractions (I’m looking at you, PS4). So yes, it’s tough, but it’s definitely possible.

6. What you think about Spirituality?

A. Nothing in particular, actually. But I do believe in energies and the Force (or whatever you want to call it). That’s all I have to say 😂

7. How do you know whether it is love or attraction?

A. Well, I guess attraction is a more temporary feeling. Like only existent when you’re in the presence of a person. But love is more permanent, and even when you’re apart you feel the same way. Also (and I don’t really know where I picked this up, but I know I read this somewhere) I guess with attraction you can’t imagine any future possibilities with them, but with love you can imagine spending your life with a person. There’s so much more I can say, but I don’t want all of us to be here all day, so let’s move on!

8. How to be not so vulnerable to depression, what’re your tips to calm our mind? what you do personally.

A. I dunno, I’ve always been prone to optimism. So I’ve never been depressed or anything like that. So I don’t do anything much personally, my friends and family keep me cheerful enough, and there’s always something to look forward to. But I guess the best thing to do would be to always have a good support system, someone or someones who understand and who you can talk to freely. Maybe your friends or your parents or siblings. How to not be vulnerable? Well, if you expose yourselves to the right kinds of people, with cheerful and good personalities, they’ll rub off on you and you’ll also be much more happy. How to calm the mind? Well, I’d say the best way to re-centre yourself is either to do something spiritual, like maybe go to a temple/church/mosque or anything and sit there and let the good vibes flow around you, or do something for yourself. Take a day off, even if you’re on a tight schedule, because you won’t accomplish anything with a busy mind. In that day, do whatever you wanted to do- like maybe take a nap, relax, watch videos, read a book. Or whatever makes you calm. When you get back to working, you’ll be much more efficient and relaxed. And also we have to remember that there is no end to the world (no, I’m not talking about the Red Giant end) because life will go on unaffected. The only person who’ll be affected by all this is you, and at the end of the day, you matter the most.

9. What do you do on Sundays and/or holidays?

A. Study. That’s literally it. With breaks, of course, I’m not a robot. Maybe play a video game, read a book/manga, etc. etc. Or play my guitar. I have a lot of hobbies. A LOT.

10. What you eat and think or feel good for health (not the recipe but you know the name of food).

A. Literally anything (with limited exceptions) makes me feel good. Because I am a massive foodie. I love everything food, so just eating makes me happy. There’s no particular dish, though.

11. Define your present life, and write a few words.

A. In one word- busy. I have a lot of work going on and when I’m not working I have limited “chill time”. And aside from all that I have like four stories going on simultaneously, which I occasionally write. But the lockdown gave me a lot more time for all this, and a chance to breathe. Which is what I really needed. Like I said, I always look at the positives.


Now for my questions… I’m just gonna repeat the questions from my last Sunshine Blogger Award post (I’m lazy…)

  1. If you could change the world with one sentence, what would that sentence be?
  2. If you could invent a wizard spell, what would you call it? And what would it do?
  3. If you had the chance to come up with the name for a science magazine, what would you call it?
  4. If you could come up with different names for the days of the week, what would you call them?
  5. What would your pen name as an author/authoress be?
  6. What is the one thing you would most like to get famous for?
  7. What is one talent you have that nobody knows about?
  8. What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never done?
  9. If you could re-invent the school system, would you change it? If so, how?
  10. Which is the best book you’ve ever read? (series don’t count)
  11. If you could have a superpower, any superpower, what would you choose to have and why?

And my nominations are:

All of my lovely readers! Seriously, all of you. Yes, I know, probably more than 11.

What do you mean I’m being lazy by not actually nominating people? 😅

Make sure to leave a comment with a link to your posts, I’d love to see them! Much love.


PS: It’s been a while, but geez, we’re almost at 200 followers! Honestly, when I started this blog, I did not expect anywhere near as many. Thank you so so so much to all of you! Seriously, this means so much to me 💞

Aunt Whatever-Her-Name-Was

Aunt Jennifer liked to quote from poems,

That everyone was equal, no more or less than a woman,

She always said, when things seemed grim,

Our world goes round,

Other planets spin,

No matter their size,

They’ll rise above the din,

They’re all unique and special,

Conquering the universe in small ways,

So why can’t we be just like them,

Because everyone is great,

So let’s conquer and let’s connect,

And let’s show the world our strength.

Our souls will be our fuel, and we’ll get our rightful pay,

We won’t sit quietly at home while men have all the say,

The stereotypes don’t define us, we won’t conform,

The voice of our resistance will become the new norm.

~ Aarushi

Yeah, I copied stuff from another poem of mine 🥺. But only because I needed to fill it up! And I had no idea what to write.

So, the idea behind the title: I wanted a title that portrays the dismissal of the memory of Aunt Jennifer- who is essentially a representation of women all around the world. This is all despite the fact that she did great things.

Completely unrelated but does anyone else feel so weird putting a full stop after an emoji? Cause I do…

Anyway, there’s actually a story behind this poem. We did a poem in our school, and for our first assessments we were being graded partially based on an assembly we put up. We all haf to contribute in some way and we got marks accordingly. So, the poem is about feminism and a woman who feels “weighed down by her wedding ring” and things like that.

She sews a panel of tigers, and it’s supposedly because that’s what she has always wanted to be. A tiger.

Anyway, for the assembly, our section did the economic aspect of equality for women. So our teacher asked us to write poems – hence this one. And since I was a little late I had no time to think that much. So what did I do?

I went to my blog of course! I checked to see if any of my poems would fit with the theme, found one, and managed to integrate it.

My teacher loved it. So yeah, that’s the story.

Any suggestions or prompts for a future poem/maybe even a short story? Put them in the comments, because I’d love new ideas.

Thanks for reading, have a great day! Thank you all so much for 3500 views, and 150 followers! That’s so much 💞💞

Me, Myself and I

Self-obsessed and self-serving,

In the dazzle of a thousand mirrors,

Casting reflections of a blackened soul.



So I haven’t posted anything since mid October… crazy. I’ve been pretty busy with exams/tests so didn’t really get around to this.

Hope you’re all doing well! Thanks for reading ❤

PS: Be sure to tell me what you thought in the comments.


He panicked when the ticking rang, see,

Assured that a bomb it would be,

He knocked down the shed,

And killed the shell dead,

But the can was as empty as he.



Okay, so this was my first attempt at writing a Limerick. The Script Club at my school worked on haikus and limericks for a session. This was the result of that.

Plus two other haikus which I think will go up eventually.

Eventually being the key word there.

Oh, and if anyone’s confused, he knocked down the shed because the “bomb” landed in there. That wasn’t very clear.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Be sure to tell me what you thought, and if you have any tips for me to improve the Limerick!

I’m honestly not sure what to call this

Enjoy this incredibly cute Pikachu gif, it’s on the house ❤

Because why not? I’m bored, and reading responses is entertaining so.

If you had the chance to get ONE superpower you wanted, any one, what would you want to get and why?

Put your answers in the comments, and make sure to include your reason! I can’t wait to hear your opinions!