Me, Myself and I

Self-obsessed and self-serving,


In the dazzle of a thousand mirrors,


Casting reflections of a blackened soul.




So I haven’t posted anything since mid October… crazy. I’ve been pretty busy with exams/tests so didn’t really get around to this.

Hope you’re all doing well! Thanks for reading ❤

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He panicked when the ticking rang, see,

Assured that a bomb it would be,

He knocked down the shed,

And killed the shell dead,

But the can was as empty as he.



Okay, so this was my first attempt at writing a Limerick. The Script Club at my school worked on haikus and limericks for a session. This was the result of that.

Plus two other haikus which I think will go up eventually.

Eventually being the key word there.

Oh, and if anyone’s confused, he knocked down the shed because the “bomb” landed in there. That wasn’t very clear.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Be sure to tell me what you thought, and if you have any tips for me to improve the Limerick!

I’m honestly not sure what to call this

Enjoy this incredibly cute Pikachu gif, it’s on the house ❤

Because why not? I’m bored, and reading responses is entertaining so.

If you had the chance to get ONE superpower you wanted, any one, what would you want to get and why?

Put your answers in the comments, and make sure to include your reason! I can’t wait to hear your opinions!


A Basket of Blueberries: Adventures in Africa

Read Chapter 2 here if you haven’t already!

Quick note: Planes do not exist in this world. And yes, I am very likely to forget this fact and include a plane or something 🙂

Chapter 3: All Aboard the Ferry to Execution

“Just in time,” Vivi allowed herself to relax as she handed in their tickets and pulled them aboard the ferry.

“Actually,” Jean interjected, “We’re 29 seconds early.”

Cue the collective eye roll. This was a bit of a habit for people around her, Vivi noticed. “28, 27, 26-” Jean continued.

“We get it! Stop.” Vivi said as she scanned for good seats. She was looking for seats near the middle for Zack’s sake, they were the least prone to movement.

“Okay guys, this is my seat, Zack should sit there,” Vivi pointed to the seat in the aisle next to hers, the exact middle of the boat. “As I recall, Jean doesn’t do too well with boats either, huh, so you can sit next to Zack. And Peter can sit here.” She tapped the armrest of the seat next to her’s.

“Thanks, Viv.” Zack managed a weak smile. He was too busy freaking out over the long boat journey ahead.

Vivi nodded at him.

“Sounds good to me.” Peter took the seat by the window.

Vivi sat next to him and acquainted herself with the interiors of the boat on the off chance she’d have to put that knowledge to use. There were three columns of two seats each. Two by windows and one in the middle. The two aisles in between were closed by doors on both ends, which led to staircases to the deck of the ship.

Satisfied that she’d observed basic safety protocol, her mind drifted to other matters. Neither her nor Peter had said a word to each other so far, and it had already been nearly 5 minutes. The silence was getting awkward. Among their group, she’d never really spoken to him individually. She’d spent independent time with Jean, and with Zack. But she and Peter only ever hung out in groups.

She focused her mind with a shake of her head, this was not her priority. With a now cleared head, she wondered what weapon Zack would use. He technically wasn’t old enough for weapons, since he was not yet 18, but that was another story. None of them were, actually. She was the one who brought her friends along, so she had to ensure they lived to see the end of the battle. Zack would get a weapon, she’d see to that. They didn’t have the kind of power to be thinking about age.

Jean would be fine. She wasn’t very athletic, but her smarts made up for that. She had a good head on her shoulders, she’d survive. Her various gadgetry made up the difference.

And what about Peter? Close combat, perhaps. She’d have to ask exactly what he was skilled in. Not talking was becoming particularly troublesome.

“I’ll take an orange juice,” Peter said to the man who came with the cart full of drinks. He sent a smile Vivi’s way.

‘Oh come on, Vi, you’re supposed to be friends! Don’t act like a stranger!’ Vivi scolded herself for not speaking.

Peter accepted the small bottle of orange juice and poured half into his disposable cup. He offered Vivi the rest.

“Oh, thanks,” Vivi took the bottle in both hands. It was only then that the sheer irony of the situation struck them both, and they began snickering, which soon became full-blown laughter. And just like that, all the tension evaporated. Peter only just managed to swallow his orange juice.

“We should really hang out more, you know,” Peter said, holding up his cup in a mock toast.

“I hear that,” Vivi clinked (well, not quite, it didn’t make the glass sound) her bottle against the rim of the disposable cup.

They downed the juice and spent the rest of the boat ride chatting amiably about nothing in particular. It served as a good distraction for Vivi, who never could handle anxiety well.

Now, they probably wouldn’t be anywhere close to how good of friends she and Zack were, but it was a start. If they were going to be together on a journey like this one for the foreseeable future, petty troubles like this would have to be put on the back burner.

“Hey, Zack, we made it. You can put the bag down now.” Vivi said softly. Zack had been deathly pale for the most part of the ride and clutched a paper bag in his hands as his life depended on it.

“R-right,” He wobbled to his feet, and Jean steered him in the direction of the door.

“Poor guy,” Peter said as he watched Zack stumble through the door.

“Yeah, I feel bad for him. Anyway, let’s catch up with the others.” Vivi said as she picked up her backpack.

Outside, they found Zack sitting on a bench, and Jean tinkering with her ‘long-range-communicators’.

“Zack said he needs some time to sit before we go anywhere,” Jean said, not looking up from where she was prodding a screwdriver at a hole.

“Okay, then I’ll go find us the car rental.” Vivi said.

“Hold on, I’ll come with you. You’ll probably get lost on your own.” Jean said, reaching for her bag.

“Okay, I’m waiting.”

A minute or so later, Jean picked up her packed bag and held a folded up map in her other hand.

“I’ll wait with Zack,” Peter said, plonking himself down on the bench next to Zack, who only looked at him, before looking back at the ground. He was still pale, and he couldn’t manage much more than a blank stare.

This is me, Aarushi. Sorry to interrupt- but is it just me that loves the word plonk? I just adore it! Tell me your thoughts in the comments! And that’s all, sorry again, enjoy!

Vivi winced- she hated to leave him when he was in such a state. But, it had to be done- and besides, Peter was here.

“So, um, the office should be somewhere around here,” Vivi turned the map around a few times in her hand, looking at it from all angles.

Jean sighed, “Gimme,” she plucked the map out of Vivi’s hands, turning it so it was the right way up.

Vivi pouted. “I know how to read a map!” she protested.

“Suuure you do,” Jean rolled her eyes, fixing Vivi with an amused smirk.

“Right then, according to the map, the office should be this way.” Jean pointed down a street.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Vivi excitedly led the way.

Meanwhile, Peter was starting to regret his decision. Zack looked no less zombie-like, and Peter sat tapping his foot- in short, he was impossibly bored.

A few more minutes of mind-numbing boredom and having a staring contest with a pigeon, Zack lifted his head.

“Okay, I’m fine now!” he declared, looking awfully chipper for someone who couldn’t stand a second ago.

“What, that’s it?” Peter asked.

“Yep, wanna go look around?” Zack asked.

“We’ll get lost.” Peter said.

“Eh, we won’t go far. Besides, where’s your spirit of adventure?” Zack stood up and stretched.

“Okay, but we will stay within the are so we can see this place at all times.” Peter said.

Zack rolled his eyes, “Okay, dad. Now let’s go! I saw a carnival right around here-”

“This is the place,” Vivi pointed out the office, and quickly noticed the booth-window.

“Hello, we’re here to rent a four-seater jeep,” Jean said.

“Ah, yes- oh! I’m sorry, but you need an adult to give you permission,” the lady said. Her brown hair was up in a neat bun and her black glasses were perched on the bridge of her nose.

“I’m 18,” Jean said, flashing her driver’s license.

“Well, okay then, but make sure you don’t get lost on your own,” the lady giggled, and Vivi’s eye twitched in annoyance.

“When will you pick it up?” She continued.

“Is ten tomorrow a good time?” Jean asked.

“Yep! How long do you need it for, hun?”

“Two weeks,” Vivi answered.

“Okay sweetie! Two weeks. Make sure you wear your seatbelt!”

‘Don’t talk to us as if we’re children!’ Vivi screamed mentally. She hated being talked down to.

Vivi and Jean left the office. As soon as the lady was out of earshot, Vivi inhaled sharply, “What an annoying person,” she said.

Jean shrugged.

They returned to the bench where they left Peter and Zack, only to find that both had disappeared. Jean sighed, wondering why she thought trusting Zack with Peter was ever a good idea.

“Tch, where are they?” Vivi wondered.

A loud cheer was heard from nearby, and Jean and Vivi turned, curious.

“Wanna check it out?” Jean suggested.

“Way ahead of you,” Vivi had already stayed walking. They followed the noise and ended up in a carnival. A lot of people were gathered around one booth.

” ‘Scuse us, sorry, coming through!” Vivi and Jean pushed their way to the front of the circle, and at the centre of it and were Zack and Peter. It was a shoot-the-cans game, and Zack was taking careful aim with his cork gun.

Two of the ten cans were knocked down. Two of the hardest three to hit, the ones at the very back.

Zack aimed for the last, and fired.

The can fell with a clang, the bullet hitting said can dead-centre.

Everyone cheered again, and the employee stared in wonder.

No one had hit all three of the hard cans in a long time. A long time. Not since the person who ran the stall before him had seen one.

Peter clapped, and Jean and Vivi watched in surprise.

“I had no idea you had such good aim,” Vivi remarked, and Zack turned- suddenly alerted of their presence.

“My dad ran one of these, and he was a good marksman,” Zack explained. “He taught me everything I know.” Zack grinned.

“Well, I think we’ve found your talent,” Jean smiled. Zack looked back at her with a grin. Of course, it was so obvious. He had no idea how he hadn’t noticed it before.

“You didn’t think to mention this sooner?!” Peter bonked Zack on the head, who chuckled sheepishly.

The four walked around the carnival for a while, and Jean updated her brother and Zack on everything that happened in their absence.

“Say, did you hear about that weirdo? My friend told me what happened,” Vivi listened absently to conversations happening around her.

“He’s going to be executed. They say he was using black magic,” the man continued.

Vivi rolled her eyes. Humans.

“That’s a stupid reason to execute someone,” the other man said.

“He set someone on fire!”

Now this caught Vivi’s attention.

“Apparently the poor chap touched this freak’s pendant and he was set ablaze.”

Vivi started to freak.

“He’s being executed next week. They only just managed to save the poor guy.”

“Sorry, what did you say? What exactly happened? Who was this person?” Vivi rushed in front of the two, who were very confused.

“Um, he said his name was Ra- something. It was all over the news for a while. Setting someone on fire is just cruel.” The first man said.

“Sorry, do we know you?” The other asked.

“Nope, but thanks!” Vivi raced back to her friends.

“We have an emergency!” She yelled to them.

“What happened?” Peter asked, raising an eyebrow.

Vivi struggled for breath for a second, and finally said, “Next week- next week-”

“Next week what?!” Jean asked.

“Deep breath, inhale, exhale, now speak,” Zack said gently.

“Next week- Raogra’s gonna be executed!”

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Food for Thought

So I’ve been super busy recently, I had exams going on for school, hence my lack of posts. Also, I do this weird thing where I start like 300 posts and don’t finish a single one.

I’m serious! I have like 7 drafts, and only one is even half-way.

The next post will probably be A Basket of Blueberries, Chapter 3 (if I ever get around to finishing it…). So no, I didn’t abandon that story like I did the first one I ever posted on this blog.

Anyway, just thought I’d make a small post for today, just to give everyone something to think about.

Is this who you are?

So the idea with this picture is to take a minute to reflect on your character and decide if this is who you are and who you want to be.

Is this how you want people to remember you, or is this the self you want people to think of when they think about you?

And yes, we will ignore the anime character in the picture and the fact that this was actually a meme from a video game, which is where I got the picture.

Anyway, meme aside, this picture is also a good chance to think.

So for today’s post (ha, I’m talking as if I post every day) I’d like all of you to reflect on the picture and decide if this is who you are.

By ourselves, we’re no one. It’s when other people look at us and see someone; that’s the moment we each start to exist

Joshua/Yoshiya Kiryu

This is a quote from the same place, that also means a lot to me. Now, I’m not saying you should change who you are so other people like you, because those aren’t true friends.

The point of this quote is to further emphasise self-reflection. Everything we do is part of a long journey, a journey which we can’t make alone. Everyone needs friends to support them and to have their back.

True friends will tell you when you’ve done something wrong, and we should listen to what they say and take it in the best way possible. So today let’s reflect on ourselves and see what we can change to make ourselves better people.

That’s all for now. Wow, this post was deep. Ignoring the fact that I quoted from video games, of course.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, definitely tell me your thoughts in the comments and yadda yadda. And of course, I hope you’re having a fantastic day.



The first ever official collaboration between Arshia (check out her blog here!) and I, what took us so long? Anyway, enjoy the poem we co-wrote, where I actually formatted stuff for once (I feel so cool 💞💞)


The firework ignites

Bursting in the sky

Settled but not in place

A sparkle of the prism

In the dazzle of grace

Brightest before the schism.


What did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂 because we’d love feedback. Happy friendship day everybody!

~ Aarushi & Arshia

A Basket Of Blueberries: Adventures in Africa

Read Chapter 1 here if you haven’t already!

Chapter 2: A New Journey

“So, is everyone ready to leave and find all the guardians with me? Last chance to back out.” Vivi asked her three very groggy friends. It was precisely four-thirty AM, and they had just left campus grounds. Vivi had woken them up a little early, in order to make it out in time for the change of guards.

Vivi wore a purple blouse with a blue checked pattern and jeans. Her backpack had some money, a change of clothes, and a few packeted snacks. Just in case. Jean wore a smart red shirt, a black skirt, and black tights. She said her backpack contained ‘ important things only’, but didn’t elaborate much on the subject.

Peter wore a green tee and jeans, and his trademark denim jacket. His backpack contained money, some clothes, and a few frozen vegetables like carrots and peas. They wouldn’t stay long so they would have to be used that day. Zack wore a white tee and black jeans with sneakers. He had brought money and some clothes.

“Geez, Viv. We aren’t gonna back out after coming so far. We’re with you all the way.” Zack assured her.

“Okay then. I’ve got a basic plan outlined for us. We’re headed to the beach. We can stay at a shack for tonight. Tomorrow, there’s a ferry to Cape Town, Africa. From there, we rent a car and Jean drives us to Elizabeth Port. We should find Raogra somewhere around there.”

“How will we find him though?” Jean blinked tiredly, and rubbed her eyes.

“My pendant will probably be able to find his.”

“Probably?” Jean echoed.

“It’s a little fickle. Oh, don’t you start, we both know how temperamental you are.” Vivi seeming scolded her pendant.

There were murmurs of agreement from the three, now somewhat awake, teenagers. The four set off on their four-mile journey to the beach. They chatted and laughed together to pass the time.

“Did you think about what the campus’ll say to our parents?” Zack asked.

“I left a letter. From each of our parents. I also mailed a letter with the school’s special paper to our parents about a year long educational trip. Hopefully they won’t question it too much. And as for Zack, well, you have an uncle named Bob now.” Vivi answered.

“So, how about explaining how the guardians work, Vivi? We’ve got time now. It’s a pretty long journey, even for me.” Peter, who was somewhat of an athlete, commented.

“Of course. So, there’re seven guardians in total. The most important is the guardian of Life. She oversees all the other guardian’s work and is the ultimate authority for us. The other guardians are :

I am probably gonna change the terrible names so let’s call them placeholder names for now. Except Naomi. And Vivi of course. And also probably Vivalderin. Not sure if I like them or if they’re stupid. They’re supposed to be like ancient names, they’re all in a different language. The ancient language of the guardians.

1. Raogra, the guardian of Fire.

2. Naomi, the guardian of Water.

3. Terrin, the guardian of Earth and related things.

4. Garudon, the guardian of the Dead.

5. Indakra, the guardian of Darkness.

6. Me, my real name is Reverie, by the way, the guardian of Light.

7. Vivalderin, the guardian of Life.

We each have a special pendant, that contains our powers. Mine is the pendant of light. Of course, we’d be fine even without them. But, only if the pendants are all together can the pendant of life be forged. We need to collect all the pendants and break them. Don’t worry, we’ll manage. These shattered remains, if mixed in the right proportions, will yield the pendant of life, worn by the guardian of life. When the pendant of life senses its job is over, it will fragment itself into the six other pendants again. So, any questions?”

“Why are your names so weird?” Peter asked, and Vivi’s eye twitched.

“They’re not weird, they’re derived from words in the ancient language of the guardians,” she said.

“Ignore his stupidity. How is one guardian supposed to protect an entire continent?!” Jean, ever the practical one, asked.

“I think you misunderstand. Guardians are not fighters. We do not engage criminals in a battle to protect the Earth or whatever. We maintain the balance of the elements on Earth. This ensures that the Earth as a whole, and not its people in particular, will prosper. Should someone try to disturb that particular balance, we can, of course, adapt our skills to be useful in combat.”

“Woah, what’s up with the fancy language?” Zack laughed.

“Sorry, I was quoting our current Guardian of Life,” Vivi said sheepishly. “One more little fact that’s probably going to be useful. The Guardian of life isn’t some god-like deity in any way. Here’s the sad part about being the guardian of life. You never really get the pendant, and since the powers of the pendant are always fragmented, the Guardian of life is, for the most part, a regular human. With some added skills, I suppose.”

“One more question. Why are we trying to find all the guardians?” Jean asked. Obviously, no one else really asked intelligent questions.

“Well, someone’s messing with the natural order. There’s a new force rising, trying to throw the order of the continents into disarray, and separate the guardians from each other. Someone immensely powerful.” Vivi suddenly turned thoughtful, “Could it be?” she whispered, mostly to herself.

Her friends knew better than to ask. Vivi would either speak in her own time or not at all. She was an expert subject-changer.

Her train of thought was interrupted when the beach appeared in the distance. Four miles had passed without them even noticing.

“We’re nearly there, guys!” Zack encouraged. Encouraging people was one of his specialities. His never-ending optimism was contagious, and it affected those around him in a positive way.

“We also need to figure out what you’re each good at. Jean invents machines that could potentially help us. I can adapt light into weapons, but I would prefer a solid gun or sword or something. We’ll figure that out. Peter is athletic, so I guess we can give you physical tasks. Scratch my last statement, we just need to figure out what Zack should do.” Vivi said, her voice a little apologetic towards the end.

Zack felt put on the spot all of a sudden. Of course, he was already useless.

“I’m sure we’ll find something for you,” Vivi said. “How are you with a sword?”

That question would go unanswered, however, as they had stepped onto the sands. It was mostly meant as a joke anyway.

“The ferry arrives tomorrow, so we should rent a beach shack nearby,” Vivi said.

Jean rented the shack, and the four settled into the small two-bedroom house.

There was also a living room, where they rested for a while.

The evening would turn out to be full of surprises. Peter revealed his exceptional abilities in the kitchen, and Jean showed them what her massive backpack actually contained. It was full of her inventions. One of them was particularly interesting. It was a small, black cuboid with ridges and grooves on the surface as a sort of pattern. It had some sort of stick projecting out of one end, that Jean called an ‘antenna, how do you idiots not know that’. Once she was done with it, it would function as a long-range communicator with others of its kind. She mentioned that she intended to make four, one for each of them.

Dinner was vegetable soup, courtesy of Peter and his packed vegetables. They would spoil quickly, so he didn’t pack many. Just enough to get them through a meal or two. Then, they would have to buy produce as they went.

The four headed to their rooms after dinner, with Vivi and Jean in one and Zack and Peter in the other.

Early the next morning, Vivi woke up to buy them four tickets for the ferry to Cape Town. She did so, and cross-checked the ferry timing. The ferry would leave at 11 A.M.

Satisfied, she headed back to the shack. It was hardly 7 now. They had plenty of time left. Jean was probably awake by now, tinkering with some new invention.

Peter would be awake and exercising. Zack would probably be… sleeping. He was lazy, lazier than Vivi, even. And that was truly saying something.

All through breakfast and the short wait after, Vivi glanced at her watch. They couldn’t afford to be even a minute late for this ferry.

Finally, the tense silence was over, and the four checked out of the house, and returned the key; to new beginnings and the perilous journey that lay ahead.

The journey is just beginning. What kind of challenges will the group face? Any guesses about Zack’s weapon? Leave a comment if you’d like, I’d love to hear feedback 🙂


So, um, this happened.

Thank you guys sooo much for 100 followers, it really means so much to me! 💞

When I started blogging a WHILE back, I gained followers very slowly. I remember the time I was so proud to have like 20 followers.

Now I have 100, and that’s just crazy. I would never have expected that so many amazing people would like my poems and follow my blog.

Despite the fact that we all know I’m not the most frequent with updating 🙄

Anyway, I really wanted to thank all the people who followed, my family and friends for being so insanely supportive!

Also check out Arshia Vora. She’s got an amazing blog that I’m sure you all will love. She pushed me to try and follow through with my blog, so I’m super grateful to her.

I’m so so grateful to so many people who were always so encouraging and kind. My awesome parents who pushed me to keep writing, my friends who always read through my drafts, my teacher, who gave me the idea to start a blog in the first place, and all the people who helped me reach 100.

Yeah, that’s all I have to say. Thanks again for 100 followers, it’s completely mind blowing for me. Much love 😋


Haiku – Ho’oponopono

I cut the sand bag,

Down from my hot air balloon,

To the skies I go.


This haiku was inspired by the life-skills class of my new school. Online, of course. We were practicing an ancient Hawaiian meditation technique – ho’oponopono. It was all about unburdening ourselves of negative emotions. This idea came to me in that moment.


~Aarushi Aiyar