I wrote this poem for a script with some friends of mine. Enjoy!


Birds born in cages think freedom is a crime,

Caged is the heart in the throat of the mime,

For freedom comes naturally to the human mind,

Enslaved in the shadows of our ignorance,

And blinded by the light of emotions so bright,

Shackled by the chain of memories in our heart,

And bound by the acceptance of an outside society,

For freedom doesn’t cost just a single penny,

A hundred lives, a hundred hours, a hundred souls laid to rest

So let the chains go, and set the mind free,

And if you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

And still will they talk about their freedom,

Forever blind to the truth of the prison,

As a puppet with its strings tied, dancing to the tune of the world,

So follow that harmony, or follow your soul,

For you are your master, and you will make your destiny alone.

~Aarushi Aiyar

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