The City

Bright flashing lights and the hum of a crowd,

Paved brick roads that stretch across the ground,

The city has come alive tonight,

Bustling in the last of the light.


Till the break of dawn do they curl up in bed,

Waiting for the sun to peek out its head,

With it, the light brings a new dawn, a new day,

And the people get ready to blow the world away.


Stores and buildings alike, throb with activity,

The students prepare for the next test in practicality,

People file in as one mindless unit,

Addicted to whatever device they’re currently holding.


Joggers, walkers and runners together,

Meet at a park and enjoy the weather,

It’s a bright sunny day, made to make the most of,

And this is the city, so beautiful we just can’t get enough.

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