That moment when we stepped onto the stage,

I felt my heart begin to race,

Would we forget our lines or falter?

Would everything end in disaster?


I thought to myself, ‘no, keep faith’,

After all, confidence is the only envious trait,

That’s when the first line cut the sky,

No matter the outcome we had to try,


And try we did, we kept on trying

This was the moment for which we had been working,

The make or break moment, the weeks of work,

Was it enough or would our goals be dashed in the dirt?


The finale was here and we were proud to present it,

The audience, with rapt attention, savoured every bit,

As we stood at the end, all side by side,

I felt the happiest I have felt in quite a while.

~Aarushi Aiyar

PS : For those of you who don’t know, paradigm means a classic example of something. In this case, it’s stage fright.

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