Teachers (a short rap)

T – True

E – Ever loving

A – Amazing

C – Cunning (in a good way)

H – Heart and soul into us

E – Enrich is with values

R – Reaching our to us, always

S – Simply awesome

Teachers are preachers and reachers with features

They never ignore and they’re hearts are pure

If you’re need they’re by your side

Together forming a force allied

~Aarushi Aiyar

This is a re-post of the first poem I had ever written. I had posted it very long ago and it’s not exactly my best work but it was being ignored because no one saw it so I re-posted it.

Stars can’t shine without Darkness

If you think the world is not right

You are not getting your share of limelight

None will indulge you in your plight

For you are undeniably blind.


If you want to get something done

Do it yourself and be number one!

You’ll never get anywhere by whining or complaining

Work hard, if you want to be the one shining


Keep trying and never give up

Be the one to rise to the top

Go the extra mile and show them you’ve got star power

Don’t lose sight of the goal of the hour


Don’t cower in the shadows

Raise your voice and make yourself heard

Keep trying if you want to succeed

Work hard, because stars can’t shine without darkness

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