A New Dawn

As the tides turn,
The world rotates,
Change will come to all,
Whether to make or break,
You cannot control this,
It is out of your reach,
Accept it and move on,
This is what life will teach,
If you ever feel down,
Everything goes wrong,
Always remember that this path,
Will eventually lead to a new dawn,
Every dream of yours ,
Can be achieved,
Even if you fail don’t despair,
Just believe,
Every turn at the crossroads,
Is like a new start,
Once more down the yellow brick road,
Keep the hope burning in your heart,
So at a time of disappointment,
When you have not done your best,
Keep calm and move on,
Because life is a basic test,
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
If ever you commit any wrong,
It is only after a long journey,
That you will reach, a new dawn,
                            ~Aarushi Aiyar
This was published in my school magazine this year!!!

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